A unique way to increase member recruitment, utilization and retention for private clubs.

Based on mutual contacts and golf skills,
Find a Game helps your members find
other members they will enjoy playing with.

Fishers Island Club #11

Create value for your members while gaining crucial analytics and a two way communications platform.

  • Club management knows when a member is on property and can provide more personalized services.

  • Location aware features present an easy way for members to find a game with others on property.

  • Golfers see common contacts and skill levels to help them find a game they enjoy.

Provide members with a simple way to find a game with other members they will enjoy playing with.

Members create their own play list of buddies from either the contacts in their phone or from a member list the club administrator controls.

Not all clubs are alike. Here's
how we help a variety of private golf clubs.

  • Help recruit and retain new members by leveraging the social structure of existing members so they find a game they look forward to playing in each week.

  • Whether your member is thinking about going out later today or planning a weekend trip to their 2nd home, Find a Game allows golfers to share and see the availability of their friends and select members they'd like to play with.

  • Invitation only clubs benefit by increasing member engagement and personalized services while club management receives key analytics.

    Courses gain access to valuable insights to offer a more engaging club experience and personalized service.

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    Pricing for Private Clubs

    1-300 Members 301-1000 Members 1000+ Members
    Billed Annually $29999 Monthly $349.99 $49999 Monthly $579.99 $79999 Monthly $929.99
    Analytics $49 $99 $149

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