Gain access to the best private courses. A simple feature based on privacy, trust and mutual benefit.

Shinnecock Hills #16

How It Works

Find a Game helps golfers gain access to the world’s best courses so long as they know people in common and can mutually help each other with a course of interest.

Take a minute and
create your profile

Yeamans Hall

It's quick and easy. Choose a screen name and write a brief description. You remain anonymous until you opt in to a specific course request.

Sync your contacts
and get matched up

Riviera Country Club #10

Address book data is never searchable or shared, and is used only to match you with people in your trusted circle of friends, family and colleagues. You remain in total control.

Tara Iti #12

Check the courses
you have easy access to

To gain access to new courses, select the courses where you can arrange a round for someone in return. You don't have to be a member, but it does need to be an easy "ask."

Los Angeles Country Club #11

See all the courses you can
access through your network

We only match golfers based on trusted networks - people you know, or at least know someone in common via your phone's address book. We do not use social media data.

Select your dream course
and find your connection

Jupiter Hills #14

View each way you have access and the number of common contacts. Provide details like number of players, time frame, etc.

Prairie Dunes #4

Return the favor and offer
access to one of your courses

Offer access to any of your courses. At this point, your real name is attached to the request so they can verify you through common contacts.

Reach out and go play a private course you're interested in!

Monterey Peninsula Country Club Dunes Course #10

Once accepted, contact your host and make arrangements outside the app. Follow through with their course request, and they'll do the same for you. Now go have fun!

Play Nice. Obey The Rules.

  • Once your host accepts your offer, reach out and play golf!

  • Play together, or just arrange the round. It's up to you.

  • Discuss green fees and caddy reimbursements up front; they vary for private courses.

  • Access to Top 50 courses requires more common contacts with the other golfer

  • We revoke the membership of golfers who do not provide access to the course they offered.

  • Any golfer selling access to any course will be dropped immediately. No exceptions.