The easiest way to find a game on courses you want to play.

Meet new golfers and play more often based on
relationships already in your own address book.

Get Custom-Tailored Tee Times
Play Where You Want, When You Want

Use the Find A Game app to sign up with your favorite courses, tell them when you like to play, and receive tee times that fit your schedule and match you with like-minded golfers.

Find A Game lets you chat with your golf buddies, see when they're available, and invite them to tee it up--all right from the app!

  • Chatting with your golf buddies is easy. Talk with a group or one at a time.

  • It's easy to keep up to date with friends. You can even send them pictures and more.

  • Find a Game creates a standard group text to set up the game on your own. Now go play and have fun!

Get On The Best
Private Courses

Find A Game can help you gain access to top private courses through your very own "friend of friend" network. Availability relies on privacy, trust, and mutual benefit. Click here to see how it works.

What we've built is similar to asking around, like you do today, but much easier and faster.

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Find A Game is free for golfers.